Planet Jupiter


Quick Facts
1. That jupiter has 61 moons
2. Jupiter has storms more wide than the planet Earth
3. 5th planet from the sun
4. Loki is the most energetic volacno in the solar system
5. There maybe life on jupiter's moon Europa
6. That Jupiter has in the biggest planet in our solar system
7. A day is over 10 hours
8. Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system
9. Jupiter has 3 rings
10. Jupiter is a Jovian planet

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Jupiters Storms

That picture that you see is a photo that was taken by nasa and the picture is about jupiters storms and maybe you did not know but those storms can swallow the planet Earth!!!!.

The famous astronomer Galieo Galiei was th first one to see actual jupiter! Also Jupiter is so big that it can swallow 30 earth's
also jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. Jupiter has rings and jupiter has the only moon that is bigger or the same size as mercury.
Dominant comparison

As you can see the comparison is about how dominant the planets take up space.