Information on the planets
  • Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system
  • The are only 8 planets in the solar sstem now

Information on Saturn
  • Saturn is the most remote planet
  • Saturn's rings can be seen from earth

Quick Facts
  • Saturn got its name from the Roman God of Agriculture
  • Saturn is 95 times as large as earth
  • Its has a higher gravity pull than earth as well
  • The rings of saturn surround it at its equator
  • They don't touch saturn
  • The rings also tilt with the equator when orbitting the sun
  • Saturns rings consist of thousands of fragments of ice and debris
  • Bands of clouds circle saturn
  • A spacecraft called the cassini went to saturn in 1997
  • Saturn has 25 satellites that measure 6 miles of saturns surface
Density of the 3 outer rings
Saturn's heat signature
Saturn is the second largest planet. Saturn has a diameter of about 74,900 miles, 10 times larger than that of earths. It has seven flat rings made of ice and other fragments surrounding it. You could never stand on saturn it is made of gas most helium like that of which we put in balloons. Saturns has the only ring that can be seen from earth.



Book:The Solar System Jupiter and Saturn